VT Senator Sanders & CA Senator Boxer to launch a new climate bill

There has been great movement in the climate change discussion in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. In fact, VT Senator Sanders & CA Senator Boxer toook the President’s charge to act on climate change and announced plans to introduce a new bill.

The bill would end fossil fuel subsidies, invest in job-creating climate solutions like energy retrofits, and pass a stiff price on carbon, 60% of the profits of which would be rebated, per capita, to ever legal U.S. resident.

“The legislation that Senator Boxer and I are introducing today with the support of some of the leading environmental organizations in the country can actually address the crisis and does what has to be done to protect the planet,” said Senator Sanders at an event in the Senate office building. “It can reverse greenhouse gas emissions in a significant way. It can create millions of jobs as we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and such sustainable energies as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.”

Read the full article here. What’s your reaction to this?
Thousands of people from across the nation are either in D.C. or on their way there now by the bus loads. They are planning to arrange a rally on Sunday to show their support of proactive climate legislation and their disapproval of the Keystone Pipeline. Then, in major cities throughout the States are also hosting satellite rallies to show support in solidarity.
Could be a really interesting year for climate change policy!!
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