The Century’s Environmental Leaders

The April 14 issue of Newsweek’s featured article took a look at the Green credentials of the three presidential candidates, “Just the Tree of Us.”.

This interactive map ranks countries for their green activities. (The US ranks an embarrassing 66th.)

What does John Muir, Harriet Lawrence Hemenway, Rachel Carson, and Also Leopold have in commen? They are included in Newsweek’s The Century’s Environmental Leaders.

New’s 10 Fixes for the Planet
(You have to read the article for more detail.)

  1. Zero Waste
  2. LED Light Bulbs
  3. Greener Fairways
  4. Kite Sails
  5. Plastic Solar Cells
  6. Climate Counts
  7. The Aptera
  8. Stoves for the Masses
  9. New Roots for Old Crops
  11. Democratize Green
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