Singing Frogs in Our Backyard

 Since the Cook County Forest Preserves are in our backyard, I thought that this 848 story was worth sharing: The Frog Chorus Sings.  Evidently, there are folks out wandering in the dark listening to the frogs:

Some days it can seem that good news in is short supply.  But, here’s a story with an up side. Over the past twenty years or so, thousands of volunteers have worked in forest preserves around the Chicago area.  They’ve been restoring natural habitat, and now it’s starting to pay off.  The number of frogs around here is holding fairly steady. How do we know? Because a small group of naturalists wanders out into the marshes after dark to check on them.

Since frogs are amphibians, they are more closely linked to the health of water and the larger environment.   Thus, the tracking of different frog species can tell us about the health of our forests.

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