Sierra Club: Party for Parks

Over 600 Parties for Parks — Find one near you!The Sierra Club is proud to have played a significant role in the creation of our national parks–and we’re pleased to be featured in Ken Burns’s new documentary. That’s why we’re going to Party for Parks at more than 600 house parties across the country, watch a sneak-preview DVD, and take action to protect these treasures.

Put on your party hat and find an event near you.

If you don’t find one, you can still get in on the fun — virtually! Join the National Parks group in our new online community, Sierra Club Trails, and you’ll be the first to hear the details later this week. You can also check out blog posts in the group, check out beautiful images of the parks, and share your own stories and photos. Love national parks? You’ll love Sierra Club Trails, so head on over!

FYI: There’s one in October in the area of Oak Lawn…try your zip code and see what you get!

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