Selling, Philosophizing, Big Bags, & Pagans: 848’s Earth Day

Chicago Publc Radio’s 848 presented a special program for Earth Day yesterday.  I listened to the podcast of the show on my drive to Moraine Valley this morning, so I thought I’d post the links to these stories.  These are worth a listen.

  • Selling Earth Day: Rebecca Williams explains how companies hope we’ll buy our way to a greener world.
  • Al Gini on Mother Earth: For more on the ethics of environmentalism, we welcome Eight Forty-Eight’s resident philosopher, Al Gini.
  • Big Apple’s Lesson For Chicago Bag Ordinance: Next month, the Chicago City Council’s likely to require some stores to recycle plastic sacks. Like it does with a lot of ordinances, Chicago’s cribbing off another city’s legislative work—in this case, New York’s. However, in some ways the latest version of Chicago’s bag recycling ordinance strays from the Big Apple’s.
  • A Pagan Earth Day: Eight Forty-Eight’s Kristin Moo took a road trip north this past Saturday for a pagan Earth Day celebration.
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