Philippe Cousteau Keynote at GreenTown Chicago

You know when you play that game where you name the five people from any time, any place, real or fiction that you could invite to a dinner party?  Well, Jacques Cousteau definitely has a seat at my table.  He is one of my heroes and inspirations in life.  I find inspiring that generations of his family are living his legacy of exploration and conservation of the ocean.

His grandson, Philippe, will be the keynote speaker at the GreenTown Chicago Conference on October 14th, with pre-conference sessions on October 13th.  This conference is attended by: Mayors, Elected Officals, City Managers, Public Works Directors, Park District Directors, School District Representatives, College and University Leaders and Students, Economic Development Directors, Zoning and Code Officials, Engineers, Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects, Developers, Builders / Remodelers, and Community Stakeholders.  Check out more information at:

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