Oh Give Me a Green Home

I am thinking about buying a house. In my fantasy world, my home would be an off-grid earthship with wonderful technology like solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, geothermal heating, bamboo, recycled glass, low-flow dual flush toilets, A++ energy efficient appliances, rain barrels, cellulose insulation, and smart power strips located off a prairie of local plants and a large organic garden – just to name a few green features. Someday! Someday! Okay, I am back to reality.

There is an inspiring family in my neighborhood that designed and built a green home. It is pretty incredible. This couple has incorporated green practices not only into their home, but also into the independent punk rock label that they run. They are pretty darn interesting and inspiring. National Geographic previews Frank and Lisa Maurceri on their Life Dreams website , complete with short well-done video webisodes of the inspiration to the building and completion of their green home. Check it out!

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