Now YOU can understand what’s green (or not) about that new gadget you want.

* Before Apple made headlines by deciding to pull its products from EPEAT (and then reversed that decisions days later), you’d probably never heard of the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool. That’s because the organization, while focused on making electronics more environmentally friendly, has been mostly concerned with evaluating the manufacturers and materials associated with the computers, printers, and other equipment we use every day.

In just a few days, however, EPEAT will launch its first tool designed specifically for you, the consumer. On July 31st, the organization will unveil its new EcoSense labeling system, a way for customers to judge the environmental impact of common electronics at a glance.

What do you think about EPEAT and electronic manufacturer’s role in social and environmental responsibility? What about your role when making purchases? Does it matter? Why or why not?

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