New Green Jobs Action Center(s)

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has developed the SEED Center (Sustainability Education and Economic Development). SEED is a FREE initiative that aims to advance sustainability and green workforce development practices at community colleges by sharing innovative models and resources and building the capacity of college administrators, faculty, and staff to contribute as leaders. There are a plethora of resources within.

And now, Green For All, another national organization mobilizing the green economy has also opened a new Green Jobs Action Center. Find information about the green economy—and the tools you need to make a difference in your community. Want to know the latest on green jobs policies—and what you can do to move them? Want to see what our community partners and hip-hop activists are up to? Read an inspiring story about a community hero? Or watch a hot new music video? Check it out at

The clean energy and green economy presents an unprecedented opportunity to grow American prosperity. Billions of dollars stand to be generated and saved using energy and other resources more wisely, drawing on non-polluting energy and material sources that never run out, and otherwise developing our world more sustainably (The SEED Center). The jobs and new industries linked to the potential of the green and clean economy are vast and, some might say, are only limited by a lack of foresight and creativity. Learn more about it through these online resources, or visit the Center for Sustainability at MVCC.

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