Need Inexpensive Fair Trade Organic Socially Conscious Coffee?

My esteemed colleague Sandra Gibbons, Professor of Biology, introduced me to the wonderful Peace coffee.  My husband loves their coffee, and he knows coffee.  I only drink coffee on Fridays and look forward to my Peace treat.  And I really like their logo since I studied sea turtles in grad school.  But what I like the most about this superior tasting coffee is that they are committed to sustainability more than any other coffee company I know.  Their motto is: “A cultural, social and consumable revolution with grounds firmly fixed in.  A farmer friendly fair trade reality.”  They even try to deliver their beans by bicycle to towns.  AND…yes there is more…it is very inexpensive, especially considering it is organic, fair trade, etc.  If you purchase 10 pounds at once you get a 15% discount.  AND…I know it keeps getting better…if you take the survey indicated on this web page,, right now (not sure when this opportunity will expire so take it soon), you get an additional 20% off.  The 10 pound discount CAN be combined with the survey discount.  We just purchased 10 pounds of organic fair trade espresso for $75 (including the shipping fee).  So, get your coffee, get your buzz, and support a company that is super committed to sustainability.

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