LEED Certification

MVCC is in the process of building a new center in the southern part of our district in and around Tinley Park, and we are looking to get LEED Certification, which is very cool. LEED Certification ensures that green standards were followed in the construction and operation the building. Since this project is underway (or it is going to be underway soon), I thought that this NPR Story: Proving a Building ‘Green’ Can Be Daunting would be something worth passing around. It discusses the many challenges that exist with becoming LEED Certified. It also notes some of the criticism of the US Green Building Council who administers the LEED Certification (listen to the NPR story to get the dirt). The bottom line is that despite its faults LEED is the most meaningful set of standards to follow, but as an organization working to follow these standards I thought it would be worthwhile to recognize the good and the bad with LEED.

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