iNsaN3 # of Ev3nt5 4 EARTH MONTH 2014

Well, we did it again. Earth Day or Earth Week isn’t enough for Moraine Valley…no, no, we celebrate all year long, of course, but this year we’re giving special attention during the month of April- or as we endearingly call it, Earth Month. And… This April actually has to carry over into May! Sheesh. It’s great, for real, just hang on to the safety bar because it’s going to be fast, fun ride!

Stay tuned for a full line up and schedule both here in this blog, on our sustainability Facebook page and our college sustainability webpage. Until then, I hope you talk this up with your students, friends and colleagues.

Of special notice is this great opportunity for our students. The Student Sustainability Summit is one day of professional development and networking for college students. They will learn about the sustainability of food with speakers and workshops. The event is free, they will be fed wonderful food, and special to non-students— we can attend the keynote speaker! Please register. Click the flyer below.



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