Greening the University

I recently came across the article “Greening the University” in Change magazine (which is one of the best publications that focuses on innovation within colleges and universities).  I think that this article really summarizes much of the energy and direction held by many of us in US colleges and universities, including those of us at Moraine Valley.  This article focuses on the work at St. John’s University, but I think it is representative of a larger effort across the country.  Here’s a short quote:

There is a growing awareness at the board level, as there is throughout society, that sustainability and conserving energy are very important priorities. It is a wonderful way to use the university’s enormous resources —the faculty, students, and the administration—to give back to society. Our primary function has always been education, but beyond that there is so much more a university can do.—Thomas McInerney, chair, St. John’s University Board of Trustees 

Read the full article here: Greening the University by Jame Pellow and Brij Anand

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