Eco-friendly summer drives…

It’s summer time. Time to roll down the windows, turn the radio up and take a long ride, blasting the summer hits and letting the warm air blow through your hair… I love summer rides, really I do. I wish I could do it with less of an eco-impact though. In the future this should be no problem- if we keep letting industry be innovative and also act to push and create market-demand. Until then, I’ll dream along with the dreamers.

Dreamers like who ever invented this – Wow! When can I get one of these?

If you search YouTube for other green, future cars you can find a lot of neat, flashy and really out-of-this-world (or under it?!) concepts. However, I think the idea from Honda above is actually realistic. I mean, it looks so easy and comfortable, it’s like a seated-segway! It’s exciting to me industry is developing more options for green individual modes of transit, like the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt.

And industry leaders like Nissan, Chevy, Honda and Ford are continuing to explore other new and exciting ways to help us get around. But students in higher education are getting in on the action to create our future transit options, too. The US EPA has a competition called EcoCAR Competition where teams compete to create the coolest, most innovative and least environmentally impacful car possible. You can see several of the winners on this YouTube page.

Still, some of those futuristic concept cars are pretty sweet and fun to dream about…

Happy Summer!

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