Consumers Want Green Products, so that’s what they get

Last week I heard a noteworthy piece on the podcast of the PBS News Hour about the increased production of Green Products. They note that many, many, many companies are putting eco-friendly products on shelves…some of these companies represent well-known brands that have debatable track records from the past. Two concerns that this story brings up are the differing meanings of “green” and whether or not this recent trend is just another consumer trend that will die away. Here’s a link to the transcript and audio from the PBS story Environmental Demand Drives Eco-friendly Products: As public demand for eco-friendly products increases, businesses rush to fill the gap with “green” products touting a lower carbon footprint.

I also wanted to share this video from CBS’ Sunday morning. This hints at some of the complexities with being green. If you HAVE to buy a new car, get a hybrid. BUT, if you can find a used car with good gas mileage, then buy it so that we don’t have to produce a new car at all. Of course, it is always better to buy a bike.

Fast Draw: Hybrid Cars

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