Climate Talks are Heating Up in Copenhagen (pun intended)

Along with several other environmental news outlets, the <a href=””> Mother Nature Network</a> updated the world about a staged walk-out at the Copenhagen Climate talks this morning. The Group of 77, a group of mostly developing countries, walked out of the talks to protest the progress thus far. From discussions last week, this group feels as though they are getting the short end of the stick.According to the G-77, the trend in discussions looked like the developed countries wanted to abandon the Kyoto Protocol, something from which majority of the G-77are exempt,and work on an entirely new treaty.


“They [the G-77] want developed nations to commit to cuts beyond Kyoto’s 2012 expiration date, with any new treaty serving as a complement to Kyoto. “The killing of the Kyoto Protocol, I can say, will mean the killing of Africa,” says a member of Mali’s delegation. “Before accepting that, we should all die first.” Danish officials hosting the conference temporarily suspended all formal talks until they can work out an agreement to bring back the African-led G-77.”

Read <a href=””> this short article</a>  to learn more. Mother Nature Network has several short, to the point articles covering the day to day of these talks.

What are your thoughts? Are the 77 overreacting or are the justified? Personally, I think it’s hard to judge their emotions and understand their plight, since I am not living it day in and out. But, I think it’s important that as they develop they consider smart, sustainable and green growth vs. conventional industrial growth like that of the West. Overall, I am still holding on to hope that they all come to a solid consensus by the end of this week and we can start moving a true, global effort towards positive change.

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