A New Green History of the World

I wanted to share the link to a new resource in the library. This book,A new green history of the world: the environment and the collapse of great civilizations by Clive Ponting is in our library and available for you to take home. Here’s the publisher’s description:

  • Clive Ponting’s original and provocative history of human civilization—now in a thoroughly revised, expanded, and updated edition Years ahead of its time. Clive Ponting captivated readers with A Green History of the World, his study of great civilizations and the causes of their fall. Using the Roman empire as its central example, this classic work reveals how overexpansion and the exhaustion of available natural resources have played key roles in the collapse of all great cultures in human history. With an argument of urgent relevance to our modern society, A Green History of the World offers a provocative and illuminating view of human history and its relationship to the environment. 
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