87% power generation energy efficiency- is it possible?

Does that seem like a crazy question? When you think about it, I am sure it makes sense to you that some energy is lost during the time it is produced to the time it is consumed (i.e., delivered to my apartment to power my toaster oven), but the amount that is lost astounding! MOre than 2/3 of it is lost in transmission. And that’s the standard. Well, at least it was (I hope)…

This short video is a great example of what people can do when left to their own devices. The University of Texas makes their own energy. They operate their own power generation plants, equipment, etc. and they have the ability to make changes to it when they want. You and I don’t have that luxury (or if you do, please let me know because that would be really cool!). We buy our energy from someone else and we hope we’re getting the best bang for our buck.

Hope springs eternal, right? Well… Watch this video, about 3 minutes long, and you tell me. After watching the video we realize we are stuck hoping we’re getting our best deal and knowing we’re not.  If U of T can make this level of impact on their energy production efficiencies, so can the big e-companies, no?


UT Utilities Director Receives Award for Energy Ingenuity

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