Is that Seafood Healthy, Sustainable??? Just Text!

In my big wallet, I carry a seafood card, but there only room for credit and cash in the tiny little wallet I carry most days only.  I can’t be trusted with a purse or big wallet because most times they get left behind, which can spell disaster.  I do know that we should stay away from shrimp because all but one very small farm grows or catches it sustainably and restaurants do not purchase from them.   I also know that orange roughy take a long time to mature and reproduce and we have fished them just about beyond recovery.  I also know that the big fish in the ocean suffer from bioaccumulation, meaning that they retain all of the toxins of all of the animals they ate and of the food that they animals they ate, ate.  If you can’t follow, it means they have high concentrations of heavy metals (which causes neurological dysfunction and disorders in us).  But I don’t yet have it completely memorized.  If you ask your server, most times they have no idea either.  The other day, I came across this hand tid-bit.  The Blue Ocean Institute FishPhone is a service in which you can text 30644 with the message FISH (make sure it is all caps) and follow with the yummy sea creature you are hankering to eat.  The service will send back info on both health and sustainability. Now I won’t feel guilty about not carrying around my seafood card.

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